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Friday, August 1, 2008

Joints - Images

Colourful images of various types of joints are given under this post. Observe the arrows given in diarthroses that explain whether the joint is monaxial, biaxial or nonaxial depending on the number of axes around which movement is possible at the joint.

* Coronal Suture is between frontal and parietal bones.
* Observe the chord-like ligament and sheet-like interosseous membrane
* Periodontal Membrane joins root of tooth to the alveolar socket in thecodont teeth * When the elongation of the bone caeses, epiphyseal plate (hyaline cartilage without perichondrium) is replaced by bone, thus, he joint becomes a synostosis (bony joint) * Functionally, symphysis is an amphiarthrose (slightly movable joint) and facilitates parturition (labour)
* Observe that ball bearing bone can rotate around several axes (multiaxial)
* Hinge joint allows motion around only one axis (monaxial) * Classic example of pivot joint is the atlanto-axial joint, that permits the head to turn from side to side as when you shake your head while saying "no". Radioulnar joint shown here enables palms to turn anteriorly and posteriorly * Notice the arrow marks that explain the biaxial nature of saddle joint.


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