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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Taenia Solium T.S

There are many labeling mistakes in the figure of T.S.of Taenia solium in the text book. Correcting labeling for the Figure 5.4.3 (page no.186) is given hereunder.


  1. Sir,
    Actually i am having a doubt about isotonic medium in which entamoeba lives and because of that reason it does not have any contractile vacuoles.I could not understand what is a isotonic medium.

  2. Isotonic means "same concentration". As parasites live in isotonic medium i.e. the concentration of the medium is same as that of the cytoplasm, there is no osmosis of water from the outer medium into the cell. Hence there is no need of expulsion of water by contractile vacuoles.

  3. You may take the test online. If you want to download, click on File and then Save as on your internet browser and save it to your computer

  4. sir,
    what is meant by "inoculate"which is given as a adaptation in leshmania donovani and i also want to know about the number of karyo and cytokineses that occur in uni .bi and tetranucleate cysts of entamoeba

  5. Inoculate means "to introduce a serum, vaccine, or antigenic substance into the body of a person or animal" e.g. Plasmodium is inoculated into the blood of man by mosquito bite.
    One uninucleate cyst undergoes karyokinesis (no cytokinesis) to produce one binucleate cyst which undergoes karyokinesis (no cytokinesis)to produce one tetranucleate cyst. Tetranucleate cyst undergoes neither karyokinesis nor cytokinesis. It excysts to produce metacystic form which undergoes both karyokinesis and cytokinesis to produce amoebulae.

  6. sir plz publish the def of similar terms that we confus like homeostatis and haemostatis
    sea star